About Link

a few words about us

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The mission of Link is to advance the academic and social achievement of our community’s children by uniting all stakeholders around a common goal of student success.  

Our vision is to be an agent of change in schools.

We believe that systemic, sustainable change for schools takes comprehensive, on-site support that empowers the varied stakeholders of our schools to collaborate, learn, and lead their schools on a path to success. To that end, Link brings together administrators, teachers, parents, and community members through programs that address the unique role each of us plays in fostering that success.

It is our goal that, through partnering with Link:  Teachers consistently use effective practices in the classroom; Administrators build collaborative school environments that encourage growth and leadership; Parents model high expectations for their children’s achievement; and the Community supports and extends the work of the school.

what we offer

Support for Teachers and Administrators

Teachers are the heart of the school. Link consultants work closely with teachers and administrators at school and district levels, forming relationships that foster success for all.

Programs that Engage and Empower Parents

As children’s first teachers, parents play an incredibly important role in their education. Programs that reach out to parents and build community through shared experiences positively impact student achievement.

Involvement in Community

The community in which a school is located is a stakeholder in its success, and can serve as a tremendous resource for staff and families, alike. Link recognizes this role, and is dedicated to supporting the communities of its partner school districts.

our team

  • Connie Friedman
    Connie is Link’s Executive Director. She brings a leadership style that allows her to recognize, embrace and...
  • Halle Bargar
    As Director of Collaborative Leadership, Halle brings to Link her experience and expertise in nurturing true professional...
  • Katie Crotty
    Katie is our Director of Teaching and Learning. In this role, she keeps Link connected to the...
  • Jane Harris
    Link’s Director of Parent Engagement, Jane understands the critical role that parents play in creating a solid educational...
  • Rebecca Rumsey
      Rebecca is Link’s Director of Research and Communications. She brings skills and expertise that strengthen our...