Connie is Link’s Executive Director. She brings a leadership style that allows her to recognize, embrace and enhance the unique skills and talents that each member brings to Link. She is adept at seeking partnerships that will use these combined talents to empower an entire school communities to lead, collaborate and learn together, ensuring a quality education for all students. In addition, Connie is an active participant in delivering the services of the organization independently and with her team.

Connie has served as an educational consultant for schools across greater Cleveland for over 10 years. Prior to consulting, Connie was a middle school teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a dance teacher, and a children’s programming director. In addition to her work with Link, Connie has also taught reading education courses at Ursuline College and at John Carroll University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a Master’s degree in Reading Instruction from John Carroll University.