As Director of Collaborative Leadership, Halle brings to Link her experience and expertise in nurturing true professional learning communities at all levels of schooling. Her years of experience developing leadership teams at the district level; helping them create shared missions, visions, values and goals; and engaging teams in the hard work of acting on those goals, creates real change in districts. Halle’s leadership in creating school teams that work together to make a difference for children is a critical component of Link’s work.

Halle is a former classroom teacher in the Beachwood School District, and has been consulting in schools for over 12 years. She has a Master’s degree in Education from John Carroll University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Bowling Green State University, where she was a Cum Laude graduate. As a coach for schools in the Cleveland, Euclid, and Cleveland Heights–University Heights school districts, Halle has provided professional development on the topics of collaborative leadership, positive school culture, and comprehensive literacy instruction. She also has facilitated principal meetings where principals were given the opportunity to collaborate and foster Professional Learning Communities within their individual schools.