Katie is our Director of Teaching and Learning. In this role, she keeps Link connected to the life of the classroom teacher. This connection is central to all the work that we do to support schools and to provide meaningful professional development. Her expertise in effective teaching and learning, literacy and classroom management supports all of us as we coach teachers and work directly with students in classrooms. Katie is able to look beyond the distractions that surround schooling and get teachers, consultants and leaders all focused on what is truly essential for students.

Katie has been consulting in schools since 1998, and has served as a literacy coach in the Cleveland, Warrensville Heights, and Cleveland Heights-University Heights school districts. Prior to consulting, Katie was a classroom teacher for nine years. She has studied Best Practices as defined by Harvey Daniels, attended the Walloon Institute in Michigan, and spent a week at Wellesley College in Massachusetts studying Affective Teaching. Katie earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters in Education from Cleveland State University.